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First learning the basics in bellydance in  Richmond, Krystina then went on to learn her art with Josephine Wise  in North London and became a member of the Masriat Dance  Company.  Having  travelled regularly to Egypt, Krystina has had the advantage of  advanced training with the top teachers/dancers and choreographers  of which there are far too many to mention.  Krystina says  "I think I will always  consider myself a student, as there is always something new to learn in this dance."

Krystina BellydancingGaining her teaching diploma in 2002 with  JWAAD (Josephine Wise Academy of  Arabic Dance), Krystina is now also one of the tutors on the teacher training course. Krystina believes this dance can  offer something to every woman whatever their age, shape or size.   Contrary to popular  belief, Bellydance is a full body workout, toning all parts of the  body including the legs, arms, back and internal muscles which  support the vital organs.  Its uniqueness is that it  also encourages emotional self expression and a positive body  image.  Krystina prefers  the Egyptian style of bellydance with its upright and powerful,  elegant technique, which encourages good posture, balance and  grace.   


A generous, encouraging and a patient teacher,  Krystina  says that, “in learning this dance, it has allowed me to express who I really am.  I have an immense  sense of emotional freedom when both dancing and teaching.  It has taught me more than  just a dance.  It has  empowered me to fully live my life.  I so enjoy teaching and  seeing my student’s blossom and discover their own inner power and  confidence.”  Krystina’s  enthusiasm and passion for bellydance spills over to her students  who find the classes fun, friendly and supportive. Working closely within the  community and fund-raising for local charities and schools, Krystina  continues to spread the joy and happiness this dance form brings to  everyone who experience it.

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